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Battlestar Galactica. The best show ever of any genre. So much beauty, stomach twisting plots, klever writing, beautiful music, EXELLENT ACTORS and awsome special effects are some reasons why I watch this Sci-Fi pearl.

Sorry Guys

First off: Sorry about the background color.. I ran out of Ideas that also matched the series.. So, black it will be for now. If you have trouble reading any of the text on this site, please let me know by signing my guestbook at the main page. (OK I admit that the whole page is a coloring disaster right now. I'll straighten it up soon)

The Really old series from 1978

Okay, here we go again: Battlestar Galactica, This show was originally aired in 1978. Back then Dirk Benedict was playing Starbuck, and Apollo was played by Richard Hatch. I wont be going much further with the 1978 version of the show, 'caus I was only 1 year old at that time, and it's never since been brought to a TV near me. (Read: I know nothing about it). Well.. I know some that I picked up from IMDB: Like in the new version they were searching for earth, the 13th colony... and guess what? The Cylons were a pain in 1978 aswell.

The 1980's series

Now they actually made it to earth... but earth is not particulary ready to take on the Cylons that Battlestar Galactica brought with them. (How WILL this end???)

The (relatively) Brand New Series

They started it off with a miniseries in 2003. (They being Sci-fi channel) The Battlestar Galactica was the oldest ship in the fleet, and ready to retire from duty when the Cylons attac. The non upgraded Galactica was surprisingly able to stand up against the feared Cylons, atleast enough to get away from the attac, much due to their lack of technology. The colony attaced by Cylons suffers, and almost all habitants are exterminated. However, some of the population manages to escape in various ships. We now have a civil part of humans and the army part. Battlestar Galactica is set to defend the society of surviving humans and their female president. Together the survivers sets off to find earth, the 13. colony.

James Callis' is Gaius Baltar in Battlestar Galactica

James Callis was born in London (UK) in 1971. He grew up in his birth place, where he attended Harrow school in north west London. In 1993 he graduated from University of York with a BA in English and realated litterature. He was accepted at London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and graduated from this school in 1996. Callis was an active student actor while attending University of York. Since then he has appeared in theater productions, radio productons, tv series and movies.

James Callis is not only an actor. He debuted as an director with the movie Beginner's Luck, starring Julie Delpy, Steven Berkoff and Fenella Fielding. Beginner's luck was shown at the London Film Festival and in selected cinemas across the UK in 2002.

Callis has two sisters. In 1993 James and his wife Neha became parents. Neha gave birth to a son, whitch they named Josh. Currently James lives in London with his wife and their child.

Katee Sackhoff is Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica

Katee was born Kathryn Ann Sackhoff on April 8, 1980 in Portland Oregon. At the age of six, she started participating in dance classes as well as drama classes. She later went on to star in many of her high school's productions, including Bye Bye Birdie, Oliver, and Fiddler on the Roof.

Taking her acting a step further, Katee made her way to the small screen when she took on the role of a teenage mother in the Lifetime original movie Fifteen and Pregnant with Kirsten Dunst. She later followed up with the role of Mary in the USA original movie Hefner: Unauthorized along with General Hospital's Rebecca Herbst. In 2000, Katee appeared as a full-fledged cast member of the Fox Family Channel series The Fearing Mind, in which she played Lenore, the daughter of horror author Bill Fearing. In 2001, Katee won the role of Jenna Danzig in the eighth movie of the Halloween series, Halloween: Resurrection. Katee also successfully landed the role of Nell Bickford on the CBS series The Education of Max Bickford, in which she played the daughter of the title character. Her father was played by award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, who Katee has said was not only like a father on-camera, but off-camera as well. In fact, she says that The Education of Max Bickford is the project that has taught her the most overall.

In addition to her starring roles, Katee has made guest appearances on shows such as Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane, ER, and multiple appearances on MTV's Undressed.

In her spare time, Katee says that she enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, working out, and playing pool, among other things. Her future goals include being successful and respected at both singing and acting. When Katee has free time she enjoys residing to her home in Los Angeles where she is able to spend time with her family and friends.