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So, this is the Farscape room.. I've put up a crappy banner and some bios.

Gigi Edgley was Chiana on Farscape.

Gigi was born on November 16th 1977 in Perth, Australia. Throughout her childhood and school years she used her performance skills, and actively pursued any acting opportunities avaliable.

From 1994 to 1995, Edgley trained at various workshops at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queensland University of Technology, Academy of the Arts in 1998. She was cast in a televised mini-series during her years at the university, and performed on stage for QPAT in a drama. She also showcased with the university in her final year in Brisbane and Sydney.

Gigi had her first professional theatrical engagement at the Twelfth Night theater in Brisbane. Since then she's had several engagements. Edgley's numerous theatre credits include Kakos, Kill Everything You Love, The Rover, Boy's Life, The Land of the Real Girls, Romeo and Juliet, The Caged Birds, Blue People, and Princess and The Pea for the Brisbane Arts Theatre. she's also appeared in Road and Picnic at Hanging Rock for the Twelfth Night Theatre, and Les Miserables for the Gold Coast Arts Theatre.

She may be best known to the tv audience as Chiana in the sci-fi series Farscape. She's also had roles in Australian series like The Secret Lives of Us and Water Rats.

In addition to her acting, Gigi is also a singer/ songwriter. She made a CD single with the musician n8. She also have a long list of other talents; Thai boxing, fire twirling, ballet, contemporary dance, Jazz dance, experimental movement, street theater, rollerblading, and riding motorbikes and horses.

Virginia Hey was Zaahn on Farscape

Wayne Pygram was Scorpius on Farscape

Wayne has been an Australian stage and screen actor for nearly twenty years. Although he has appeared in movies and TV shows that made it to the US, most Americans are most familiar with his performance as the infamous Scorpius on Farscape. Australian and Canadian fans might know him better as "Spit" in the 1990's show Fire. Given his gig in the Farscape episode Won't Get Fooled Again of Season Two, it didn't surprise anyone to discover that he has been a professional drummer in his other life for over twenty years. Some lucky Aussie fans might remember that Mr. Pygram played in a band called Total Fire Band that was comprised of some cast members of Fire.

Pygram was born in Cootamundra and raised in Wagga Wagga, Australia. There as a teen, he joined a dance band as the drummer. He attended Riverina College where he studied to be a teacher. He played with various bands on weekends and holidays and then later, at the encouragement of a director there, joined the Riverina Trucking Company, a theatre troupe in the central area of NSW. And the rest they say, is history.